Taking a break

Taking a break

This week, myself and Charlie Campbell went up to Guildford Cathedral to take some artsy-ish photos! Very pleased with how they came out, I shall be adding my favouries to the Gallery section soon so check back soon!


Affirmation Demo recorded!

I decided I don’t have enough (any, for that matter) recordings of myself just playing guitar – the ones I do have tend to be things I’ve written, or playing in a band, or something I created on the computer. So, I took it upon myself to create a sort of online portfolio, which I will be adding to in the coming weeks – here is the first piece that I recorded, let me know what you think!


New tracks for Mindfulness Music! And some George Benson

These long gaps between posts have been getting even longer – but no more! I will be posting more frequently and using this as a platform to show not just what i’ve been doing (although that too!) but also what i’m listening to, or anything i’ve found interesting that I feel needs sharing.

That said, I do have some new music to show – some of it is a little rough round the edges at the moment and if I get time I may re record some/all of them, but for now here is how they are, please let me know what you think! These were written for use in a Dialectic Behavioural Therapy session for the NHS in Chippenham, which helps treat Borderline Personality Disorder.

And the other thing – I have always thought of George Benson as a great guitarist, but it’s only recently in practicing Affirmation and learning from his version that I have really been in awe of him. I highly recommend spending an hour or two trawling through his youtube videos if you have time, but if you don’t then at least watch this one:

Oh, and opinions on the new website/blog layout?


‘Out There’ – an original tale about fathers, grandfathers, families, love, loss, hope, learning to be a child, learning to be a parent and never, ever, giving up on your dreams

So I’ve been a bit busy this summer – apologies for the delay in getting a post up on here!

In the time between the 15th and 27th of august, myself and some friends spent most of our waking hours rehearsing, practicing and performing for the shows at South Hill Park Theater. The result I think was better than any of us expected, and I personally felt privileged to be a part of it, everyone involved – writers, directors, musicians, cast, stage crew and those responsible for organizing us all, waking us up, feeding us etc…. thank you!

Anyway, pictures will tell the story better than words, so here’s a few of my favourites:







The Out There Band - minus Jimmy, the ukulele player!

More photos on the facebook album: Out There reheasals

RGT membership! And Eschar merchandise!

Two things here, firstly this:

Got my acceptance letter, certificate and things through the post today, so I am now an RGT registered guitar tutor!

So that’s pretty cool, but there’s more! My band Eschar have been very busy, and we now have a small range of amazing merchandise! Go check it out here: eschar.bigcartel.com

Hoping to start posting a few more updates on here, as i’ve been quite bad at it recently. Time will tell if that happens or not!


Been a while since the last post on here – a few reasons for that – mainly because I’ve been so busy with Eschar’s various goings on that i havent had that much time for it, but also because i just plain forgot.

This will be my first blog post from the iphone app which i’ve heard is a bit hit and miss so apologies if anythings a tad skewiff.

Main point of interest right now is Eschar’s brand new website! Check it out here!
For a limited time you can download an mp3 of the track “Ghost” AND a mobile/iPhone wallpaper! So do make sure you head over there, get your free stuff, like us on facebook and show us to your friends!

So from one shameless plug to another, we also have gigs coming up soon! Come see us on April 2nd at the Miller, London bridge! Gonna be one fun night.

Photoshoot is arranged for monday so expect some fancy new pictures Of us all soon! And we are getting closer to confirming a time to do some proper recordings so keep an ear out for that too!

More updates soon, remember to get your free stuff!


Eschar’s brand new Myspace, First gig and Not Another Pantomime

It’s been a very busy few weeks with so much going on, including Eschar’s first gig ever at The Star in Guildford, having our Myspace completely redone with some incredible artwork, and myself becoming Composer and Musical Director for Surrey University’s MADSoc production “Not Another Pantomime”, all coinciding with ACM coursework deadlines and exams!

New Myspace

Check out Eschar’s brand new page!

Big thanks to Thibault Brassart for the artwork and design! See his other work here: www.holygrafik.com

We’re hoping to have more news here soon, as well as more gigs and merchandise in the near future so keep checking back!

Gig at The Star

Our first gig was a big success, opening for Doomed from Day One, we had a great time playing and had such incredible feedback from the audience, as well as a lot of interest from singers! So we intend to keep gigging whenever we can and see what happens! We also got a few pictures taken, take a look:

Not Another Pantomime

Recently I was given the honour of being appointed Composer and Musical Director for a Pantomime by Surrey University’s Music And Drama Society (MADSoc), Titled “Not Another Pantomime” which was a new experience! Kept me very busy for a few weeks amongst all the other things, but it was really enjoyable and the shows were a huge success! Thank you very much to all at MADSoc for the privilege, and special thanks to band members Joe Connor, Fern Ford and Kayleigh Frame!

Also, check out Rory Gilhespy’s new website/blog here!

Eschar, Erik Mongrain and the Awards

It’s been a busy month, and theres quite a few things worth mentioning!


First of all, Eschar are seriously getting the ball rolling now – regardless of not yet having a singer, with the addition of guitarist Ryan Oates we have decided to start gigging instrumentally in the hope a singer will reveal themselves to us, and also considering the alternative option of remaining an instrumental band. At the moment, our priority is still to find a vocalist to complete the line up, however we don’t want not having a vocalist in the meantime to hold us back frmo doing what we love, so it’s all kicking off now! We’re in the process of recording new parts to old tracks (to be revealed soon!) and finding ourselves gigs anywhere and everywhere. Also something very exciting, we’re having a logo and some art designed for us and the myspace completely done up by an amazing graphic artist which we hope to reveal within the next week or two along with everything else, so keep an eye out – more news on this soon!

Erik Mongrain

This weekend myself and a few others are off to Aldershot to see Erik Mongrain play (you may know him from this famous video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbndgwfG22k)
Asides from the ‘laptapping’ style demonstrated here, he mainly plays the guitar the right way up, and makes some incredible music, if you can make it you should definitely go and see him! More info on that here: http://www3.hants.gov.uk/westendcentre

ACM Awards

Also, it was the ACM Awards ceremony last night, which was a good fun night with performances from some great musicians, including the ACM tutors and Newton Faulkner!
As for the awards themselves, I was extremely surprised/honoured to be given the award for “Outstanding Guitarist” of Higher Diploma 2010! I think they took a few pictures of me on stage with it but i was a bit of a daze and probably wasnt looking at the camera or generally not being very photogenic as usual, so i took my own picture when i got home:

Shiny award

More news on the band and other things very shortly!

Ideas for posters/room decoration? Amongst other news…

After a month since the last post, a fair bit has happened! In terms of my music, after being contacted by ACM about one of my tracks Travel to the Moon being used for promo videos, i heard nothing back about how and when it would be used. Until my ACM induction, when they played it as intro music on two of the video presentations about ACM! Well pleased with that, an unexpected but very welcome surprise on the first day back!

As far as the band goes, Ryan Oates, close friend and now housemate of myself and Rory Gilhespy has now joined Eschar as a second guitarist, which has greatly added to the sound and allowed us to do so much more already, and the band is moving much faster than before, all that remains is to complete the lineup with a singer and a bassist and get on the road!

I also recently upgraded my keyboard that i use for recording such tracks as the above, and now have a far more responsive (touch and soundwise) setup, consisting of an M-Audio keystation. I have my first keyboard lesson on tuesday, which i am definitely looking forward to!

Also, I have been picking out posters for my room, mainly prints of pictures i like, abstract colours and shapes are the kind of thing i’ve been going for – example below – artists like Dali and Kandinsky especially, but i’m looking for more! So please suggest anything for my room, from artists, films, games, people, literature or anything else, i’ll probably like it.

Kandinsky's Transverse line

Onto a degree in guitar! And a new video!

Recently the ACM higher diploma results came out, and i was pleased to find that out of the 6 modules, i got 5 distictions and one merit! Overall grade for the year was distinction, which means i’m all set for the next two years on the degree course!
Just looking forward now to getting back to guildford and seeing everyone else whos back for the degree, as well as pressing on with Eschar and Eon. Speaking of which, a nice man managed to film Eon’s performance of Pendulum at Juliette and Chris’s wedding recently, check it out:

Wedding performance video